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Plan Outdoor Spaces to Support Playgrounds in Parks

Most of us are visiting parks during our free time. And most communities these days are having parks that are intended for recreational activities for everyone.  But as you visit parks, have you ever thought if whether what truly creates it? You might have this idea that it should have playground but aside from that are you still looking for more within a park? There is a fact that a park could be expanded and numbers of other things could be considered. In order to have the best place to visit during free time, never limit your park with just a playground.

Some of the other things that you might consider could include the following:

  • Site Amenities. This could include spaced picnic tables and also benches within the park. Some of these should be located within the playground in order for families to sit, play and eat. Consider to also have benches that are located off the path like within a shade or under a tree that would offer solitude and comfort. Trash receptacles are also important as for the orderliness and cleanliness of the place.

  • This is another part that should not be ignored. There should at least be steel pavilions or shelters within the park wherein it could also be considered as a venue for family reunions and birthday parties. They are not just shelter intended for unexpected rain but they could also be of great protection against the sun. And there are numbers of people that would just love staying in the shelter than playing within the playground.

  • Dog Parks. This one is of great idea to consider. Most individuals these days are having their own dogs and so are with them as they visit a park. It would be ideal for a park to as well have a space only for the dogs. This could be a fenced-space that would let the dogs play with one another wherein their owners are not to worry about anything at all. The dogs are safe and would have fun with other dogs.

  • Outdoor Fitness. If you are with your dogs, you could have them in the dog park letting them play and burn energy. The same with having children with you, letting them play on the playground would also allow them to burn off some energy. And so how about you? What are you going to do? With this, having a space intended for outdoor fitness should also be present within the park area as for those that would also want to burn off some energy. Having certain equipment that will make you more fit could be a great choice once being on the park.

Those are just among the ideas that you could have as you plan expanding park within your community. If you are to do so, the park will not just a playground intended for kids but also a place where everyone could enjoy even the dogs.

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