Child Safety Relies On Proper Playground Maintenance

Playgrounds are a place where children love to play and let out their pent up energy. Children may be able to handle bumps and bruises, but ultimately the goal of a playground is to let adults not feel the need to worry about their children and if the equipment is safe. Adults trust that the equipment has been tested and is up to safety standards for their children. Playground maintenance helps adults with this trust.


There are two main ways to help provide child safety on the playground. The first way is through a maintenance program. This program consists of five important steps. The first step involves sanitizing and cleaning all surfaces. This can be done through pressure washing, as well as scrubbing all surfaces with a disinfecting cleaner. The second step involves using hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to scrub all rubber safety surfaces. This solution will need to be rinsed off with hot water. The third step involves the use of colored top coat or clear urethane sealer to properly seal the rubber safety surfaces. Any damages need to be repaired prior to sealing. The fourth step involves loose filling. This can be done with sand or wood fiber after the proper depth is determined. The fifth step is an important step because it involves a thorough safety inspection, as well as preventative maintenance.


The second way is through a restoration program. This program has six important components. The first component involves an initial comprehensive audit or inspection. This ensures all ASTM and CPSC safety standards are met or exceeded. The second component helps ensure the safety of everyone and keeps the public informed. Everything being renovated will be fenced off with signs including any and all information needed to help keep the public informed. The next three steps involve specific components of the playground equipment. The metal components need to be pressure washed first to remove all the dirt and any other hazardous materials. If any rust, it will be taken care of correctly. Any loose paint is taken off and redone. Plastic components will be pressure washed and scrubbed. Rinsing the surfaces will be done with hot water. Any stickers, graffiti, cracks, and rough areas will be taken care of correctly. Safety surfacing is a beneficial component to owners. Buying a new playground costs much more than preserving the current playground.


Child safety is an essential component to playgrounds. Children love to run free and use their pent up energy playing by themselves, or with friends. Playgrounds provide a great outlet to use this energy and meet new people or current friends. Adults should not have to worry if the equipment their child is playing on is safe or not, they should be able to be confident that their child is safe to play as they wish. The use of playground maintenance helps ease the minds of these adults.