Fundraising For Playground Projects

Holding fundraising events for playground projects really isn't child's plays. While playgrounds are necessary to health and happiness of our children and the community at large, these projects take a great deal and money and effort to start and complete, and successfully raising the funds needed for your playground project is the first step in making that project become a reality. Here are a few tips that can help you be more successful at fundraising for playground projects.

Connect With the Experts

KaBoom is a site and a company that specializes in helping communities with their playground projects and offers a wide varieties of tips on everything from planning a playground, to suggestions on fundraising. In some cases KaBoom also offers grants to communities to either help start or complete their fundraising projects. Teaming up with KaBoom will help you to get a clear understanding of what you need to do to help make the most of Fundraising efforts as well as give you the support you need as move forward.

Think Outside the Box

When thinking of those fundraising events and ideas, you will need to get creative and start thinking outside of the box and come up with several fundraising ideas, that you scattered over a set time period to keep the community buzzing and donating those funds you so badly need. Instead of those common bake sales, and car washes why not decide on something a little more original and unique, like a pet parade or ugly dog contest? Unique events draw attention, and bring people streaming to the events in droves, and the more people you have the more donations you are likely to receive.

Get the Businesses in the Community Involved

Get the businesses in your community involved by asking them to donate goods or services for prizes or for a silent (or not so silent auction). Also keep in mind that some businesses such construction businesses, may want to donate materials to your project rather than money, so don't hesitate to be open to any donation that will help you to realize that playground completion.

Keep The Community Apprised of the Progress of Your Efforts

One of the best tools to use when fundraising for playground projects is keeping the entire community apprised of those fundraising efforts. Make sure there are several large signs scattered about town, with pictures of what the playground will look like and a thermometer showing how many funds have been raised. Keep this posters updated so that community knows that the funds keep flowing in.

Schedule a Timeline to Keep Your Organized and On Track

To keep your fundraising efforts organized an on track you will need a keep timeline that includes the following:

  • A list of all media contacts and the date when press releases for each event needs to go out so people can plan to attend your fundraiser.
  • Invitations to local media to cover your fundraising events
  • List of all business contacts and any products, services, or materials they have contributed to your project.
  • The types of Promotional material you will be use, and when that material needs to go out. This includes posters, radio announcements, Social media alerts, and any other source of material you plan on using.

Follow up After Each Event

Make sure that you follow up after each and every fundraising event. You can sent thank you emails to smaller contributors, but large contributors should receive hand written notes signed by the head of the fundraising project.

By staying organized and being creative you can create a buzz about all your fundraising efforts for that playground project, which will help you secure the donations, materials, and funding you need to make those fundraising effort successful.