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5 Reasons Why Children Need Down Time, Especially During the School Year

The start of a new school year is a stressful time, for the parents and especially for the children, as it represents a step into the unknown. The routine that has been established during the vacations now suddenly has to change, and new expectations come up, which need to be met during the new school year. Both the child and parents must get some downtime during the school year, to rest and rejuvenate. Hear me out - in this article, and we will be looking at the five reasons why children need some downtime - especially during the school year.

1. Stress Increases Cause More Anxiety and Reduced Concentration

With a new year coming into play, a student faces high levels of stress because they have the pressure of meeting the expectations of the new teacher, as well as tension about the new subject material that they need to study through, or the examinations they would have to write. Due to such increases in stress, the student may face the anxiety that builds up during the year as well as reduced levels of concentration.

2. They Might go Through Burnout

If you think that only adults go through burnout symptoms, think again - even children can experience it. If you try and analyze it, being a student for a child is a full-time occupation, and when they get burnout, they will not be able to enjoy the daily activities that make up being a student. Over time this can manifest in drop-in grades and lead to depression.

3. Boring Time is Not The Wrong Time

We have all heard the adage that "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" - and this is not true. Boredom is essential for a child's proper development, as it can help the child find new ways to be occupied, and this gives them a license to be creative and to develop the creative potential innate in them. This also gives them excellent problem-solving abilities - which will be very beneficial in adulthood.

4. Too Much Time Spent on Academics Means Missing Out On Family Time

Once the school year starts, the child becomes busy with curricular activities, and some extra-curricular activities as well, and does not find the time to bond with the family due to the excessive workload. Due to this loss in family time, there is a strain that starts developing within the child, dragging them away. Make some time to involve the entire family in activities so that the child feels a part of the family.

5. Play Will Help the Child Ingest Knowledge

When the child is given the freedom to play and run about after school hours, you will find that they will be able to retain everything that they have learned in the school throughout the entire day, and process information much more quickly. If you find that the child is dealing with anxiety, exposing them to playtime with other children is an excellent option to help the child get rid of it.

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