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Playground Design and Construction

Commercial playgrounds contribute significantly to children’s mental and physical growth. They develop confidence, self-reliance, ingenuity, tolerance, companionship, patience and audacity which children celebrate pragmatically throughout their life journey.

Childhood informal activities in the playgrounds structuralize children’s behaviour for their professional endeavours in the making. The colours, swings, games, designs and areas etc. educate, train and entertain children effectively and markedly. The exquisite precision of a surgeon’s operation might be rooted in his childhood challenges with building blocks. The fearlessness of a fighter pilot might be earned by the energetic oscillation with his childhood swings in the playground. The elegance of the brush strokes of an artist on canvas may be nurtured by his grappling with sand and clay in the playground.  

So, the design and construction of playgrounds invite responsibility and far-sightedness. Safety of the children should be the first and foremost goal for the designers and constructors.

The environment and the props in the commercial playground equipment should also be in accordance with the different ages of children. Separate playing areas should be designed for the toddlers, preteens, teens and handicaps. The playing experiences of the children of different age groups require specific playing equipment with accessibility and feasibility. Especially, toddlers and preteens should be observed during playing so, special regions with benches, chairs etc. should be constructed, for the parents, with ensured vulnerability of the playing area. Variety of playing areas enhances the sense of choice among children and invites challenges for them. For instance, playing areas with sand, water and hard surfaces are some of the multidimensional inviters of creativity and imagination.

Striking and eye catching colours of the equipment in the playground attract the attention of the children and they develop an affinity with the colours which satisfy their pleasure principle during their preliminary survey of the playground. Sliding, swimming, swinging, jumping, running, climbing, crossing, and building are some of the several activities which involve the children both physically and mentally. Comprehensive sensuousness of the designs, structures and paraphernalia in the playground educate children how to use their senses effectively.

Children repeat the above mentioned activities with suspense intact and energy enhanced. While repeating their playing, children compare their knowledge, familiarity and skill with the instant activity which maintains suspense and offers confidence. Thus, durability of the playground zones and equipment write a bond of trust with the children. Long-lasting materials used in the playground promise children’s long lasting affiliation.                                        

Written by:

Syed Hasmain Jilani

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