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Advantages of Natural Play Environments

A playground is a place that is not just where the child plays but has a significant role in the all-round development of the child. Contemporary research indicates the essence of a natural play environment, which is much more than the artificial ones. Loss of such playgrounds causes a lot of harm as the type of progress of a child that is possible in such an environment can't occur anywhere else.

Playing enhances the pace of academic learning in a child. It keeps him physically fit, enhances his mood as well as sharpens his memory. With due course of time, a child who plays well can tackle the stress levels of his life in a much better way and doesn't ever get overburdened with it. Playing not only prevents the occurrence of diseases but ensures mental fitness and acts as the best healer. All the consequences which we have enumerated till now are not just limited to a particular age group of the child, but it stays with them life long. In other words, we can say that it is life-altering in nature and this is the reason why specific individuals are stressed out and dull at the later ages and some other people cope up with all the issues of life in a diligent manner. They keep themselves engaged which prevents them from becoming dull when any situation that can overpower them arises in life.

Playing along with a proper diet and disciplined life ensures numerous benefits such as building up beautiful brains and body, transmitting the culture as well as preventing specific impacts of aging. Children learn to socialize and work in teams by playing, which enhances their socialization skills significantly. This is quite helpful when they grow up.

Playing in a natural scenario enhances the motor skills of the child as well as the strength of his upper body. He becomes flexible and can coordinate his hands and eyes thoroughly. The hidden potential of a person comes out when he is involved in activities such as team games, climbing, running. This also enhances his problem-solving skills without becoming dependent on anyone, makes himself confident, and helps him to solve the space and distance problems quickly.

A child who plays in a natural environment do not need to do extra physical exercises as this is the best form of exercise that enhances his balance and ensures proper blood circulation in the body through aerobic tasks. He is able to learn symbolic play through the portable and natural materials found on the playground. He makes use of the sand, water, constructs using the available natural components and becomes familiar with the birds, butterflies, flowers, and other harmless small creatures found in the natural setup. He also learns the importance of the ecosystem in our survival, and a mindset that strives for the protection of the environment gets developed. These benefits are never available to the children who stick to electronic gadgets or play at home. Thus outdoor games quite important. Since it is not possible to take the children to wild natural areas every day, the simplest thing that the parents and teachers can do is let the child play in a natural setup and avail all its benefits.

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