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Hazards In The Playground, You Must Be Aware Of!

Playgrounds have existed since the first one was established in Boston, which the children of the United States thoroughly enjoyed 130 years ago. It became popular in the country and was gradually developed in the daycares churches and apart from the schools. This happened because people slowly realized the importance of the physical and mental well being of their children. Besides this, playing outside also has a vital role in enhancing the social and motor skills of their children.

Just like everything comes with advantages and disadvantages, the same is the case with the playgrounds too. Therefore you need to be aware of the potential issues associated with the playground equipment. They tend to pose specific hazards, from which you need to protect the children by teaching them to stay safe.

Children can get hurt by slipping on the hard surfaces or by stumbling on rocks by mistake. Sometimes the broken railings can cause harm; children can get hit to the sharp edges, some faulty equipment or those having a poor design can prove to be dangerous while playing. To deal with such issues, manufacturers need to be extra cautious while designing playground equipment. Similarly, there should not be any sharp-edged equipment because they can hurt not only the children but also creates a high probability of getting stuck to the clothes and resulting in injury.

The essential thing that needs to be kept in mind is to make use of materials that do not make the surface hard on which children may get hurt if they fall. For this, the materials such as rock, brick, and cement can be replaced with wood or chips of rubber, which will make the ground comparatively softer.

Manufacturers need to make sure that there are sturdy railing when the children are playing in equipment that is raised above the ground to a certain level. This will help them to hold them firmly when they are about to fall, and thus prevent encountering a hazard. Considering the cases of swings or climbing walls, it is essential to make sure that there is enough space between them so that when more than one child is playing, there is no chance of getting hurt because of overcrowding.

Whenever any equipment on the playground has become faulty, it is essential to fix them as soon as possible, because these can lead to severe damage. This is the reason why maintenance is needed at regular intervals.

We have enumerated only a few instances where care needs to be exercised. But there can be other potential hazards, which may not be easily visible. So, the best thing that can be done is to stay alert all the time and thoroughly check the safety of all equipment before letting the children play on the ground.

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