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How Clean Are Your Children’s Playgrounds

Children love to spend time at playgrounds. They interact, socialize, and have fun with other kids of their age all while under proper supervision. Since the play around this playground, they are likely to come into contact with equipment that carries microorganisms.

These microorganisms find their way unto this equipment from other children and playground workers. Therefore it is necessary to make these playgrounds safe for the children who visit them, as most children may not have immune systems strong enough to handle certain infections which can have devastating effects. With safety and good hygiene practices assured, a parent would be more inclined to allow their children to visit the playgrounds and have a good time.

Here are some tips to help you keep your playgrounds clean and germ-free.

Regular Sanitation: Regularly sanitize all playground equipment and tools to remove all germs and microorganisms that children or workers may bring in inadvertently. It is best to carry out this process daily when the playground is closed. It ensures that the playground will be germ-free upon, opening. Also, sanitize in case of vomiting or injuries.

Carefully Select Sanitation Products: Certain sanitization products are harmful in specific concentrations or have lingering effects on equipment surfaces. It is best to choose your sanitization products carefully to avoid chemical poisoning or inhaling toxic fumes from lingering chemicals. There are affordable and effective chemicals that perform the necessary tasks and have no lingering effect or side effects.

Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect all equipment on the playground. With routine inspection, you can identify faulty equipment, stray animals, mold, and rot, among other things. You can identify these problems and potential causes of infections and take the necessary action to control and eliminate the threat. With such safety minded procedures, you assure the parents of their children's safety, and they are more inclined to bring their children to the playground.

State of the Art Bathrooms and Toilets: There should be standard bathrooms in the right working conditions, always clean, and separated for the children, the staff and the parents. The bathrooms should be cleaned regularly, and toiletries should be replenished as soon as they are finished to promote excellent hygiene. Children should be assisted in using the facilities to encourage hygienic practices.

On-site Clinic: Every family-friendly establishment should have at least one fully equipped and functional on-site clinic. All emergency cases of injuries should immediately be forwarded to the clinic to be handled appropriately.

● Sanitary stations: There should be sanitary stations at different locations of the playground, equipped with clean equipment like sanitizers and wipes. This makes it easier to curb the spread of infection from one individual to another or wipe down a piece of equipment before use to ensure it is free from germs or microorganisms, before boarding it.

With all the above sanitary tips, you can have an ideal playground where parents would feel inclined to take their children and allow them the freedom to have fun, knowing that there are appropriate safety measures in use.

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