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How Shade Shelters Can Protect Children From Sun Cancer

Parents often try to find ways to improve the health of their children. This can usually be finding ways to make sure that they get the right food and plenty of exercise. However, they should also consider how to protect their children from sun cancer. Research has shown that getting a few sunburns in childhood might be enough to increase significantly the chances that they will get cancer when they grow older. To protect their children, parents often use sunscreen and hats. While these solutions are highly effective, they can also be impractical. For example, most schools won't have the time to make sure that all children wear sunscreen before they can play outside. Thankfully, there is an effective way of protecting children. Let's look at some of the benefits of installing sun shelters in playgrounds.

First, let's look at how sun cancer can develop in children. Whenever they are in the sun, children are at risk of the sun damaging their skin. This includes days that are cold or cloudy. This problem is compounded by the fact that UV radiation is highest between 10 to 4. This is also the most popular time for children to play outside. The more frequently they get a sunburn, the more likely that they will develop sun cancer as they grow older. This is because their skin would have been exposed to more UV radiation, causing it to sustain even more damage. Children are especially vulnerable to pollution, and this is because their bodies are still developing. Thankfully, erecting a sun shelter in the playground might be an effective way of protecting them from sun cancer.

A sun shelter is a structure placed across the top of the playground. Often, these are shade cloths placed on poles and stretching across the playground. These are usually inexpensive, making it possible for existing playgrounds to update their equipment, to make it safer for children. These cloths block the sun's rays and provide shade over the playground. As well as reducing the risk of sun cancer, there might be other benefits that they can provide. For example, the shade will reduce the temperature in the playground. This will prevent metal equipment from getting too hot and burning a child. It can also reduce the chances that children will overheat during the summer months. For this reason, sun shelters are becoming increasingly popular in playgrounds around the country.

Parents are frequently looking for ways to improve their children's health. However, it can be easy to overlook the effects of UV radiation. This can increase the child's risk of developing sun cancer as they get older. Thankfully, choosing a playground with a shade structure might be enough to reduce these impacts. The sun cloth can be enough to block the sun's harmful rays and reduce the temperature, making a more pleasant play environment. So, take your children to a playground that is protected by a shade cloth or install a sun shelter in an existing playground today.

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