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How to Keep The Spirit of Play Alive During Distance Learning

Many people think learning and fun cannot go hand in hand. To them, learning time should be taken seriously, and all forms of play should be discouraged. But I'm afraid I have to disagree with this school of thought.

According to studies, a child is more likely to retain information taken in when having fun. So the best practice would be to combine learning with play. Learning can be made to be fun in many different ways.

However, one major challenge you will face is getting the children to sit back and be attentive. It is challenging during distance learning. But with the below-given tips, keeping the spirit of play alive during remote learning will be more comfortable.

Have a virtual party and frequent celebrations
Let your students’ party and have fun when they achieve set goals. Party time is a great time for children to have their favorite beverage and food while chatting. There are many different things to do during this time. You can have a hat day where all the children will wear a hat during class.
You can also have stuffed animal day, pets day, spirit shirts, etc. It is acceptable to moderate but sometimes allows the children to chat and have fun.

Hold "spirit days" with fun themes.
Organizing spirit days are a perfect way to combine learning with play effectively. You can have a virtual tie-dye day by making a video of yourself and upload it on social media for the children to see. Also, you can organize dress-up days by wearing a themed outfit for your virtual class.

Have occasional Wiggle Breaks
Children find it difficult to stay calm and pay attention in the classroom. It is even harder to get them to sit still in a virtual environment. However, by giving them regular wiggle breaks, you will successfully get rid of their fidgety energy. You can do this by having them do jumping jacks or stretches or putting up a fun song to dance to or an exercise video.

Have Students Customize their Virtual Background
Encourage your children to be creative and customize their background for virtual classes. Of course, this will only be feasible if the platform you are using allows it. So if it does, allow the children to customize their background with an image they created or downloaded online. If the platform you are using does not include this feature, have the children create a poster backdrop and hand it up behind them. Now you can chat with the students based on their poster backdrop. Have them talk about how they made it.

Include games in classroom routines
While maintaining some of the children’s favorite classroom routines, it is vital to include games in your lesson plan. Games will help you combine learning with play and get good results. You can organize contests while teaching how to read and write to know who will write the funniest story. Quiz games are also beneficial as the children get to learn while having fun.

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