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Importance Of Nature For Kids In Playing

Unlike the past, children of this age, enjoy playing with their electronic devices rather than in the natural setup. This is obvious as around 82% of the population resides in the urban areas in the US, according to the US census bureau. The natural surrounding around the homes is significantly getting reduced. Day by day, it is eliminating the chances of future generations, even knowing about playing in the natural surrounding. Shopping complexes and apartments are taking over all of the remaining green areas.

Youngsters fail to identify the natural objects around them, such as the oak leaves or daddy long legs. According to the BBC Wildlife magazine, the survey covering 700 children indicates this. It is quite a shocking thing that only less than 12% of children could recognize a frog. The reason behind all this is the change in their way of playing. Nature is no more a part of this playing life of the children. Even if there are natural spaces, adults occupy them, and only a few children play in such a setup.

We can prevent this from continuing by ensuring that the children start loving and valuing nature. This will create enthusiasm for protecting the environment they live in.

We need to know that merely creating a playground that has all the natural things found in the environment won't attract the children. There has to be the involvement of a playworker to lure the children and make the place interesting for them. If we carefully observe, we can find that the children who did not even get a chance to play outdoors are the only ones who are quite insensitive towards nature.

So we need to organize a family game day outdoors which children generally love. Maps, compasses, binoculars, magnifying glasses can be taken to ensure an adventurous experience. They can be asked to play games such as "I spy" in which they need to make use of the map as well as a compass. Before playing this game, you can go earlier and hide things to make the game more interesting. Make up some story so that they feel excited to play the game and in the process, interact with nature without being reluctant to do so.

While constructing the playground also, a few things need to be kept in mind such as avoiding cutting the trees that provide a natural shade, trying to keep the place as natural as possible except the flooring which can be modified to ensure the safety of the children. The natural things will beautifully complement the playground, precisely like the seesaws, climbers, etc. There will be birds and butterflies in such vegetation which will help the children in getting attracted to nature.

If the playground equipment is manufactured by integrating the living landscape which shows texts, pictures, and models of the environment, then children can start appreciating it and enjoy the outdoor games more than remaining stuck to the electronic gadgets indoors. All this will arouse their curiosity in them to explore nature

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