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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

With the sedentary lifestyle that modern children live these days, obesity has become a critical health issue with studies showing that one in three children in the United States of America is obese. Obesity brings with it several health challenges that were unheard of in the last century - like type 2 diabetes, heart-related issues, blood pressure anomalies.

What's even worse is that - children with obesity problems get bullied more often than their slim peers, and as a result of that, they start developing symptoms of depression, anxiety and they start isolating themselves socially.

Obesity gained from childhood almost certainly continues into adulthood as well. This leads to problems that are lifelong - physical and mental problems. Adult obesity typically shows up as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Obesity starts because children spend a lot of time being inactive, cooped up with technology, and studies more than spending time exercising outdoors. It also shows up due to a lack of proper sleep, and also due to eating the wrong kinds of foods ergo high calorie, sugar-filled foods.

But the good news is that - all of these things can be prevented with the right awareness. Youngsters need more opportunities to get into an active lifestyle and to start eating healthier food. There are no simple solutions to solving the obesity problem - but with the right kind of community support and awareness, we can find answers together and help children stay healthier.

September is designated as the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. This month is all about raising awareness levels about the dangers of childhood obesity and ways in which it can be curbed.

This month - the best thing to do to help obese children out is to be aware. If you've got children, make sure you monitor their energy intake actively. The leading cause of obesity is eating wrong types of foods - knowing what your child is eating and the time when they take their diet is key to controlling obesity. Ensuring that children get their time of physical activity every day - it could meantime at the park or playing some football with friends - whatever physical activity interests them - support them with that.

You are a role model for your youngsters. If they see you consuming unhealthy food, they are more than likely to drink it with you. So, you got to ensure that you are eating healthy meals and exercising daily.

The community also plays a vital role in curbing the spread of obesity. The government and governmental organizations are responsible for ensuring that children have adequate access to low-cost places where they can be physically active like parks, grounds, and so forth. Hospitals and other health care agencies can ensure that the vital metabolic indicators for children are measured often during mandatory checkups and that they are adequately communicated to the parents, who can take the right measures for their children. Schools and early learning centers can help create awareness in children and set them up for an obesity free, healthy future.

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