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Overhead Equipment Helping the Kids during Their Development Stage

Brachiation is referred to as arboreal mobility wherein an individual will be swinging using their arms.  Experts believe that the human’s upright posture has been developed by brachiating from trees to trees.  While the human’s evolution has designed the human on walking and bipedal activity, our shoulder remains a major factor of human movement, and it is vital for us to develop it during our younger days.  Commercial playground equipment such as overhead equipment provides the opportunity for our kids to develop their shoulder.

Benefits of Commercial Playground Equipment

It seems that all of us have our personal memories associated with the monkey bars during our primary school years.  Beside from the memories and the fun that we can have when playing on the overhead equipment, these commercial playground equipment offer something more.  It allows our brain to work in an alternating pattern which is a great approach in developing our mind.

Development of the Motor Skills

Most preschools and kindergarten utilize this equipment for the development of the kid’s motor skills.  The level of activity matched with minimum amount of assistance and encouragement prompt them to create complex patterns.  While the kids advance from the beginning to expert stage, their different skills will be developed using the overhead equipment and will even be complemented by other things he learned from the other commercial playground equipment.  Their skills will be further developed by engaging in social and imaginative play and by integrating their gained skills on the other emerging activities.

Develop the Kid’s Problem Solving Skill

Children will be compelled to figure out how to move from one bar to another.  It also enhances their visualization skill as the kid figure out how they will reach the next level.  A lot of commercial playgrounds equipment can help develop this skill such as the overhead equipments.

Health Benefits

Brachiating using the overhead equipment can support the kid’s health by developing the functions of their lower body and muscles. It can also increase their agility, speed and assist in melting the excess calories.  It can also enhance the coordination and balance of our kids.  In addition, it is also good in boosting the strength of the kid’s arm, legs and back.

Physical Benefits

According to the latest news, at least one in 3 kids in United States can be considered as obese.  By using commercial playground equipment, the kids will have the opportunity to move around while having fun.  The bar exercise can help them develop their shoulder and arms while the jungle gym can develop their shoulder, leg, and arms.  It is also a healthy form of cardio vascular exercise.

Ensuring the kid’s overall physical; fitness and health are just some of the reasons on why you should provide your kids an unhampered access to the playground.  With brachiating on commercial playground equipment, they will be able to build their endurance, flexibility, and strength. 

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