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Park and Play

He lifted me up into the air and sat me atop a green army tank. It wasn’t loaded, as a matter of fact the tank wasn’t even operational. Being in the presence of this strange vehicle was like a portal into a world unknown.
My adolescent self was hypnotized by all the fun possibilities and imaginative scenarios that were coming to mind. I cherish that tank and joyful memories that came with it.

Whether we like it or not, our memories define the person we are today. We love to talk about our past, and the experiences we had.

If we remember back to our earliest memories we can see ourselves in moments of play, of wonder, and of creativity. But this is not the way many contemporary children will remember their past.

Children today will look back at their earliest memories seeing themselves sitting on a couch, playing video games, and watching television. Do you blame them? Kids may be imaginative and creative, but why work on being creative when you can immediately be transported into a fantasy world at the push of a button.

Our everyday “platform and ladder” park isn’t going to cut it, because children’s attention is in a constant barrage of marketing, television, games, and more.

Playgrounds must fight back and compete with the advancing technology.
We are seeing a change in the way companies and communities are developing playgrounds. With the incorporation of musical instruments kids can learn to express themselves through sound, giving them a break from jumping and climbing. But that's not all.

Themed playgrounds are popping up all over the country, creating environments for kids to play imaginatively and creatively. Each playground offering a unique environment allowing the child to explore new creative identities. Some of these playgrounds look like a dinosaur play pen, a pirate ship, a historical site, a wild west scenario, and more.

Themed playgrounds are designed to appeal to all age groups, the disabled, and the able-bodied. Using ramps and handicap accessible platforms, they allow everyone the opportunity to grow.

Play is necessary for children to develop properly. Going to a playground helps children become more social, learn to take risks, and develop creative thinking strategies. Kids need these opportunities to explore, to imaginatively visit new worlds, and to try out different personas, not only that but these kids need sunlight.

Playing at playgrounds is an essential part of a kid being a kid and a healthy lifestyle choice for children.

Playgrounds and play -- play a huge part in the development of a well rounded child, however more so, the memories the child has, and themed playgrounds are always memorable experiences.

When I look back at my life and recall memories of the past, I never see myself playing at your typical parks, but see myself in some kind of themed park. I saw myself in those moments where I was sitting on green army tanks.

The memories kids have last a lifetime, and the best memories are formed outside, having fun, in new and unique ways.

The simplest memories are sometimes the best.

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