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Playground First Aid Knowledge

Youngsters who actively remain involved in playing in the outdoor playgrounds grow up to be fit individuals. They learn to make new friends in the process. Their creativity gets a boost along with their problem solving and decision-making skills. Though playground offers so many opportunities for the children for development, remaining safe while playing there is one of the primary concerns. For this, parents need to make them learn the first aid knowledge for playgrounds before they step out to play.

Certain essential items need to be included in the first aid kit. The medications for pain are useful when the children get hurt in the indoor or outdoor play area. There should also be adhesive bandages as the children generally love to shout, run, and jump while having fun, which creates chances for cuts and scrapes. There are various types of such bandages like the triangular and the tubular ones which have specific uses for different kinds of injuries.

In the case of the outdoor playgrounds, there is a high chance that children may get sunburns in the summers. Burns can occur on touching the hot play types of equipment also. They may experience a bug or insect bites. This necessitates bringing a topical burn ointment or spray in your first aid kit. It is a good practice to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before a child starts playing outside.

There are topical creams that are specifically meant for a bite or sting from any insect such as wasps, fire ants, bees, mosquitoes, etc. So, add it in your first aid kit for immediate relief in case anything such happens.

Confident children are prone to allergic reactions such as the runny nose, eye irritation, etc. in the warm weather conditions because of pollen, ragweed, and other such foreign materials. For this, you need to keep allergy medicine with you along with moisturizer and Vaseline to prevent them.

Tweezers and scissors must be included in the first aid kit to use them in case splinters get stuck in the skin of the children and to cut the bandages or other things when required. Make sure to carry all the first aid items in a durable box, so that it becomes handy and safe whenever you go with your children. Such first-aid things will prevent the situation from worsening before you take the child to your home or near the doctor.

Besides this, you can check the playground types of equipment once, to make sure that they do not have any sharp edges or loose ends, which might be a good cause for the accident. Though the playground operators have to do this, it doesn't take very long if you check them once before letting the children play because prevention is always better than cure.

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