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Playing Through Youth Fitness

Playing is a vital thing for the total wellbeing of children. It has a massive impact on their health. Studies have proved that those children, who play well, have the highest development level. It is something so basic but helps in the development of a lot of skills such as physical, social, sensory, communicative as well as cognitive. Besides all this, the children become joyful as it causes their emotional fulfillment.

Apart from the recreational professionals, parents, as well as the teachers, should encourage the children to take the initiative in actively participating in the games by explaining them its importance in their lives. It will help them in improving their imagination and creativity besides enhancing their ability. Youngsters who play regularly have excellent cognitive and emotional strength compared to those who do not. It develops their brain and encourages them to explore the world.

Playing the role of adults with their friends and other children of the society will help them master communication skills and overcome fears. This boosts their confidence and makes them stronger and more willing to face new challenges. They learn teamwork, ways of negotiation, and resolving conflict.

In certain games, children should not be guided by the caregivers but should be left to act on their own. This will not only help them in making a decision independently but also identify the areas where they are interested. This will gradually help them to pursue their dreams without getting distracted. As opposed to this, if adults take control when the children are playing, they will act only as they are instructed and won't be able to use their imagination and creativity fully. Thus their leadership and group skills won't develop.

Playing keeps the children relaxed, joyful, and has a sound sleep at night, which is quite essential for their mental as well as physical well being. This is highly essential in the case of the children in the underserved areas. For ensuring physical fitness, children can be subjected to directed play. But to encourage them to use their creative skills, they need to be involved in dramatic play in which they need to pretend or make others believe something.

To meet the moderate or extreme levels of physical activities, individual institutions design activities where the children have to be involved in free play besides the building and expansion of such activities on their own. They are even asked to opt for physically challenging games so that they get a memorable experience which boosts their confidence.

Since it is the right of every child to play, they must be given full opportunity to transform themselves into influential individuals through this gradually. It makes them think positively about various perspectives of life and find out opportunities to flourish. It is during childhood that the parents and teachers can build the foundation of a child's life. So, they should take full advantage of this phase of experience to ensure their full-fledged development through learning and playing.

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