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Protection Of The Playground From Sun

The playground is the best place for children to interact with other children. Their skills develop when they come across numerous challenging situations. To ensure their safety while playing, the equipment should be installed correctly, and the area is kept clean to keep it hygienic. These are certain things that are generally looked after in every playground to create a healthy playing environment that provides full scope for self-development.

But besides all these advantages that playground offers to children, there is a hidden risk which we often forget to think of. This is the scorching heat of the sun which is quite harmful as it results in sunburn. It also causes the pieces of equipment in the playground to get heated up, which leads to their discoloration. Children may even get hurt when they touch them. The solution to all these issues is installing a playground shade while making the various installations.

There are different kinds of playground shade structures such as natural shade, modular shades, and the hip and dome shade structures. In the natural shade, the playground is installed under the canopy of huge trees, which is considered to be cost-effective. Regular trimming of the trees is needed to make sure that it doesn't interfere in the playing area. As per the CPSC, the cleaning should be done for 6-12 feet to prevent any obstruction in the playground.

In the hip and dome shade, this structure is added to the design of the playground and is generally opted when it is over some existing structure. It is the functional shade that covers a vast area and is quite affordable too. Since it comes in different sizes and heights, enough ground clearance is ensured with it above the playground equipment from 10 ft-38 ft. A maximum area of up to 2000sqft. It can come under this shade. Such kind of structure is suitable when an additional shade is needed as well as for the musical gardens and sandboxes.

Modular playground shade is another affordable shade which one can opt for. They are made to suit the pre-existing playground structures as much as 14 ft x 14 ft. Thus you can protect a considerable commercial playground area with this structure.

Installing any of these structures helps in reducing the temperature spike by 20 degrees compared to that before the shade installation. Thus the delicate skin of the children is saved from being injured. Not only this, the beautiful vibrant colors of the equipment last longer as they do not get exposed to the direct sun rays and their longevity also gets enhanced. So, you do not have to worry anymore, even if you forgot to take the sunscreen with you. Owing to all these benefits of the shades, it is quite necessary to install them, especially in areas such as Texas where the temperatures shoot up to cause a lot of damage to being exposed to its direct rays.

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