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Solution to Homelessness - The Role of Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreation are an essential part of a community. They have a significant impact on the mental and physical health of people. Parks also have a role in sheltering homeless people and providing them with basic facilities. There are numerous causes of homelessness, and it is a very complex issue, but different organizations are making strategies to: 

  1. Provide different solutions to reduce homelessness
  2. Support the community and homeless people
  3. Provide the people with telephone and other social services 

The Possible Causes Of Homelessness And Its Solution:

Homelessness is a worldwide problem caused by many invincible problems, including financial hardship, bad health conditions, domestic violence, loss of employment, and poor life choice. The most common cause is a significant increase in the cost of housing. People living on rent, and have low income, find it very difficult to have an affordable place to live.

To overcome this emerging problem, different organizations shelter homeless people. Parks are the most convenient and safest place, as they give you access to drinkable water, hygiene facilities (restrooms, showers, etc.), and electricity.

How Has Covid-19 Affected Homelessness?

Covid-19 affected people not only physically but also mentally. Homelessness escalated as people lost their jobs and were out of finances. Different organizations like NRPA provided food, protection, and necessities to the people who took shelter in the parks.  

Park and recreation played a vital role in providing safety and health to the public. From supplying meals to vaccines, the agencies cooperated throughout that difficult time.

Parks and Recreation - Effective For A Solution To Homelessness How?

  • Agencies should interact with the people and give them services like haircuts, meals, and clothing.
  • Access to computers and health facilities should be available in community centers.
  • Empathy should be given to the people, instead of judging them on their looks.

It will help every person in the community and improve their mental health.

Needs For The Homeless

  • A space where they can keep their belongings safely
  • Medical health and mental peace
  • Food, shelter, and water
  • Access to showers and different programs

Strategies To Help The Homeless People For A Better Future

  • Giving them job training by improving their skills
  • Giving them a sense of independence and freedom
  • Supporting them morally in this tough time

The public also thinks that a park is best for shelters in any emergency, natural disaster, or public health crisis.


Being homeless is never easy, so our moral duty is to show the right paths to those lost and give them safety, respect, and compassion. Parks and recreation are not permanent solutions to the big issue of homelessness. But it can make a change for the better.

There are resources to improve the current situation and improve the lives of those that don't have a place to live. Precisely we all have to do our part for a better future.

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