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Some Great Benefits of Playing Outdoors

Some amount of sunshine, fresh air, and relaxing time outdoors in a park is not only healthy for an adult but also for children. In fact, it benefits children a lot considering the fact that they happen to be underground physical and mental development. You will surely want to take your children to a park regularly if you consider the following benefits to playing outdoors:

• Physical Fitness
Do you know that one in every 3 American children happen to have obesity? This is primarily because many parents do not encourage their children to play outside. So physical fitness is one of the major advantages of playing outside.

• Higher Vitamin D Levels
A little bit of sunshine does not hurt. Rather, it strengthens the bones by providing Vitamin D. Vitamin D also keeps the blood sugar levels in control and helps in fighting heart diseases, and depression.

• Lesser Stress
Often at times, children develop a lot of stress which shows up in their behavior. Over time, it can be dangerous as they will develop unhealthy coping mechanisms. Playing outside allows children to release all their stress in a safer and healthier way.

• Increases Creativity
Those kids who tend to play outside happen to be far more imaginative. This is because they tend to observe their surroundings more, which sparks curiosity. This is especially when they observe insects, plants, and birds.

• Reduces symptoms of ADHD
One of the biggest benefits of being exposed to nature is that it helps in reducing ADHD symptoms that include difficulty in concentration and hyperactivity.

• Satisfy Natural Curiosity
Since children that often spend time playing outside get to see a lot of nature which includes natural seasonal plants, flowers, birds, insects, and animals, they are able to satisfy their natural curiosity. As a result of this, they are able to develop an interest in a number of areas that which they can pursue later.

• Develop Physical Skills
As a result of playing, running around, kicking, and climbing, children end up develop a range of great physical skills which include dexterity, gross motor skills, flexibility, balance, stamina, and strength. This helps them in getting through a range of daily activities without facing the risk of serious injuries.

• Increases Self-Confidence
As kids progress with their playing activities or manage to climb up higher than before, they get a sense of great achievement. Moreover, they also realize that they actually had to work in order to get there. This not only increases their self-confidence but also gives them a sense of struggle.

• Encourages Social Interactions
Since children love to go out to playgrounds and parks for a walk, these places are always full. Hence, parks and playgrounds are no less than social hubs for children to interact with each other. As a result of this, they experience an improvement in their social skills and also learn how to get along with others.

Are you exposing your children to the great benefits of playing outdoors? If not, it is probably not too late. Develop a regular schedule for playing activities and head outdoors with your children.

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