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Technology and Play

This new generation is no longer satisfied with Lego blocks as play items, children are now more obsessed about using mobile phones, iPads and computers for games and play. This new trend has called for a huge demand for the services of technology companies and developers and rewards the attempt of these specialists to integrate technology into play. This article provides a comprehensive overview of technology and play and outlines the benefits of introducing children to technology.

Integration of Technology and Play:

Early childhood specialists are now using all sort of technology devices in their classrooms to support learning and development. They use technology because it provides them with a wide range of innovative teaching and learning methods which the traditional education system cannot offer. The majority of teachers have fully integrated Ipads, tablets and computers in their instruction sessions giving their students a first-hand experience of technology.

The Use of Smart Toys:
Smart toys are educational toys with embedded electronics that mimic the abilities of the player. Technology companies are making huge efforts these days to include as much touch and motion sensors, networking abilities and speech recognition software as possible in such toys to enhance the cognitive and motor skill development of children and spark their creative imagination.

Learning to Play With Technology:
While it is good to introduce pre-schoolers to technology, their limited logical reasoning abilities make it difficult for them to appreciate electronic games fully. It might be best to stick to fun and educative toys like magna tiles, play kitchen, colour matching and size sorting sets until children are grown enough to appreciate devices like Ipads, tablets and electronic games.

The Advantages of Play with Technology:
One key benefit of integrating technology in play is that it increases the creativity of kids and allows for freedom of expression. They are no longer restricted to lego blocks, crayons, pencils and drawing boards, rather, they are free to make their imagination wander while developing their cognitive skills and connecting to real life situations.

The second advantage of integrating technology in play is that it enhances independence in kids. Technology makes it possible for children to explore devices, experiment with different situations and be in charge of the learning process. Children pick up new skills entirely through their own efforts and experience a great sense of accomplishment.

One other benefit of technology in play is its ability to develop problem solving skills in children. Since the child is fully responsible for the learning process, he is forced to intuitively look for innovative ways to overcome challenges he faces during play.

Technology also adequatelyprepares kids to compete for digital and tech-related jobs. To deprive a child born in these times of the chance to use and play with technology is to limit him to boring, low-paying and unfulfilling traditional jobs in future. Playing with smart toys and electronic devices ignites the imagination and curiosity in children and inspire them to delve deeper into the digital world.

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