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The Basic Science Behind The Play

The impact of play begins on the life of a child since birth but in an indirect way. When the child reaches 3-4 months, age, the grounding base of play emerges, provided he is adequately fed, and the mother is emotionally open and calm. A harmonic meeting between the minds occurs with the eye contact between the eyes of parent and child, with the exchange of smiles. Even the baby makes gurgling laughter or babbling sounds which are responded with baby talk. All these are the natural phenomenon which you can find definitely throughout the globe if the cultures do not suppress it because of some reason.

In the womb itself, the shaping of precursors of the play takes place. There is a robust parental impact on the embryo and the growing fetus during the gestation phase. This occurs through the nutrition that reaches the fetus through the placenta and even the mother's stress levels are rapidly transmitted this way. It is the phase when the shaping of the neural transmitters occurs, and these are brain patterns that remain with the baby through life.

The best part of the process is the activity of the brain during all these. When the baby and the parents have a joyful talking and exchanging of radiant smiles, there is a synchronization occurring in their minds too. This happens in their brains' right cortex. Multiple lead research programmed electroencephalogram (EEG) conducted by wiring both their brains show that there is complete synchronization between their rhythmic brain waves and brain currents. This is referred to as attunement in which the tuning of the brain rhythms occurs, which leads to a pure form of intimacy through mind union. They become emotionally harmonic and feel the joy mutually.

Even fathers make eye contact with the smiling infant and get a similar response from him/her, which is a pure-play at the beginning of one's life. Though it is the primary state of play, it has a significant role in shaping the complex plays that a person remains engaged in his life. The attunement or the essential playing state ensures the protection of the infant against emotional surges if the neurophysical models of animal play are applied to humans. This indicates how important it is in one's life.

The symphony of genetic signals which direct the development of the brain during the various phases of life such as childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood are also orchestrated because of this. Though this seems to be complicated, it is essential for everyone related to a child to known this for the proper integration of play into their lives. This science of play will lead to the best way in which the development of a child will occur in his life.

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