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Top No Contact Games For Children

Finding games that allow people to be active and maintain distance simultaneously can be challenging. Some games and activities will help youth groups disengage from social media. Look at some great outdoor games children will love to play without touching.

Give Us A Clue

This is a great game to play in warm weather or when you want to relax. Everyone has to guess the title of a book, film, song, television show, or play that one individual acts out.

Imagine yourself drawing a square in the air for TV, winding an old-fashioned camera for film, miming curtains opening for play, the opening of a book, or pretending to sing.

Show the number of words by holding up your fingers and the number of syllables by placing your fingers on your arm. Whoever guesses correctly has the next chance to mime.

Do As I Say

As Simon Says, it is an oldie but a goodie for outdoor games. You should position the kids at least 2 meters apart and have an adult or older child play Simon with them.

In this game, the leader instructs the players to clap or touch their feet. They obey Simon's command to touch their toes when he says, "touch your toes.". They must stay in case the leader says nothing about touching their toes. If you do not, you are out.

You will need to make sure that Simon knows to instruct the children to do things that will not move them away from their spots, such as not running to the end of the park and back since children will end up too close to one another.

Race You!

The kids should be divided into pairs if they have limited space, or if the space is tight, you should divide them into two sets. They will run the races 2m apart this way. To clear the lane, use skipping ropes, twigs, or whatever you have on hand.

Elect a 'coach' who will shout different instructions throughout the race - such as hopping, jumping, and walking backward.

This will make the race more interesting than just running. Try to get the kids to win a slow bicycle race if they are on bikes. In this race, the winner is the last one crossing the finish line without falling off!


A classic game of hopscotch blends creativity and physical activity. Kids can draw hopscotch paths with descending numbers in connecting squares using chalk.

Once the squares are set up, the kid throws a bean bag, a pebble, or another object onto one. They aim to skip the square with the object by hopping along the path. When they get back, they need to pick up the object.

Hopscotch can be made more accessible for younger kids by letting them hop away from the objects at the end of the path. The course can be more challenging by adding multiple throwing objects or seeing who can finish the course the fastest.


Children can play to their abilities by playing games without physical contact while avoiding germs and reaping the benefits of outdoor play. Whether it is a clue game or hopping through a hopscotch course, kids can play several games without touching anything.

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