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Ways To Entertain Your Toddler In Parks

Playgrounds are a great way to connect with your neighbors and families, but there is always a feeling that the high swings and slides might be dangerous for your little one. Hence not all parks are toddler friendly. There are many other ways to keep your toddler busy.

What are some of the great playground activities for toddlers? We have some recommendations. In this article, we explore as many playground activities as possible. Continue reading the article to learn more.

5 Ways To Keep Your Toddler Busy In Parks:

Here are five ways to keep your toddler entertained without the swings and slides.

1.Color Hunting

A satisfying color-based collecting game. Ask your child to seek a specific color, such as a yellow dandelion, a grey stone, a white daisy, grass, or a brown pine cone, and then have them find an object in that color.

Your youngster can start this game on the way to the park by looking out of their buggy or trike for small objects matching the colors in the box. By picking the colors, you can make the task as easy or complex as you like.

2.Ball Hunting

To motivate your child to discover each ball and bring it back to place it in the hula hoop or bag, scatter the balls throughout the park. Give them various means of transportation, such as hopping, jogging, or riding a trike or a scooter, to gather the balls.

With two hula hoops or circles, you may make the game more challenging for older kids by instructing them to place more petite balls in one and more significant balls in the other.

3.Unexpected Toys

Give the kids new toys to keep them from becoming bored while you are out and about. These should be small items that you can easily store in your handbag and swiftly manage to get for a low price.

The kids will have a great time playing with the toy because it is innovative, keeping their interest more extended than a regular toy. Toddlers enjoy new and fun toys.


On the sidewalk, draw a numbered grid with squares numbered from one to nine. You will have to select the ideal stone for tossing. It should not bounce much, but it should not be challenging to throw.

Hop over square one and onto square two after dropping the pebble into square one. The game is over if you throw your rock into the incorrect square.

5.Picnic For The Little One

Delicious snacks are not only a terrific way to reward positive behavior, but they will also keep your kids busy as they munch. To make it even more thrilling, consider putting in a few special snacks that your kids do not get to have very often at home.


Separate spaces where younger children can access equipment that is appropriate for their age and have the freedom to explore are essential. You can always pick from the recommendations above to keep your toddler busy if not available.


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