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What Makes A Safe Playground

Playgrounds are popular to children because it gets them out of the house and has them in their element away from parents. They are active and stimulates their mind when engaging with others. Playgrounds are fun for them and less stress for the parents because they can expend their energy sitting on the bench. This should give parents the peace of mind they desire with children and playtime, but they are not in the clear yet. Playgrounds must be watched over carefully for anything dangerous because playground injuries are common. Sometimes, the safety of the playground comes from the parents as much as the structure itself, which is why we need to check off what makes a safe playground.

First, is the surface that the children are running on. Adults should recognize what the children running on are, so if they fall, the ground can break it. So, it can't be cement, asphalt, dirt, or rocks underneath the grass. Proper playground surfaces include sand, wood chips, and synthetic rubber that is always soft. The flooring fill should be about six to twelve inches deep. Second, there should always be nothing that causes hazards to children while playing. Parents should keep things clear of clothing or broken glass left in the area or natural hazards like anthills and sharp, low-hanging branches.

Next, there is the type of playground that corresponds to the age of children that is being built. Professionals should look at the standards that are necessary for a playground. For example, if the playground is on a school campus, there is a need for a fence surrounding the playground area, mainly if it is located close to the street. Also, make sure children are using the appropriate sites along with their age. Playgrounds must also be firmly anchored in the ground and not at risk of moving or collapsing on itself. They should be installed with its foundations stable and all nuts and bolts fastened and not rusted.

The other factor is the children themselves. They should be taught critical safety lessons that can prevent them from harm. They have to learn that pushing, shoving, or crowding on the playground is dangerous and that they need to learn to take turns on the playground. Parents should always keep an eye on them if the children didn't supervise themselves. Youngsters should be dressed correctly and not have any loose parts that could be caught on the playground and can result in injury. No drawstrings, scarves, or bike helmets should be worn because it could cause accidental strangulation.

All of this should be verified as safe by professionals and the rules be listed in the park for everyone to know. There is no lifeguard but the parents who bring their children over. Sometimes, it's the children that need to referee their actions and of others. We need to keep an eye on everything because small details are easily overlooked and spell doom to fun for children and more stress for parents.

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