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Why Do Children Love Playground Slides

Regardless of a playground's location, you are bound to find several slides there. Slides are the most famous play structures among children of all ages. After all, children love to sense of falling from a height on a fast, slippery slide.

By nature, children happen to be fearless and quite adventurous. As a result of this, they readily explore the world around them. After all, this is how to end up learning. In this regard, slides offer children the adrenaline rush that they crave so dearly. And that too, without a significant risk of injuries.

In case you ask a child what his/her favorite part of a playground is, they are likely to say that it's a fast-paced slide. However, why do children even love slides so much? And what type of slides should your children prefer?

In the past, slides used to get built using wood. It is not uncommon for people to cringe after knowing that. After all, wooden slides pose several risk factors! As a result of this, wooden slides got replaced with more durable and safer materials such as metal.

However, there are many different risks that metal slides presented to children. As a result of this, they are also now banned in playgrounds. In fact, due to new consumer standards of safety, metal slides are rarely ever found in playgrounds. This is because metal can quickly get cracked, rusted, or separated. As a result of this, it poses a severe threat. On top of that, metals also tend to get very hot during the summer season. This could result in a lot of discomfort for children, even during the evening.

Today, most slides are made out of a robust slippery plastic which is much safer than both wood and metal.

There are several benefits for children when it comes to engaging in slide related activities. First of all, slides encourage exploration and confidence in children. The entire behavior of sliding down fast is very adventurous and exciting for children. At the same time, it also teaches them to overcome their fears. After all, it requires some courage to let yourself go on a tall structure and make a fast trip to the bottom. Hence, slides can be considered as great confidence boosters for children of all ages.

However, small children are usually only allowed on smaller slides. As they grow up, they are fit enough to join children of their age on more significant slides.

Apart from that, slides also promote physical activity among children. After all, they have to climb up to slide down, and the process keeps on repeating. Furthermore, it also teaches them that to get a reward, they must work for it. The award, is the slide itself and the work is 'climbing' up the ladder (which is the lesser fun part about this playground item). Nevertheless, slides remain as the top favorite among children of all ages, all over the globe!

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