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Why Is Playtime Important for Grown Ups

We all love to hear cackling, giggling, and screams of joy from kids playing. This joyous moment brought back to our childhood fun. Just because we are mature doesn't make the plays worthless.

Most of us focus on work and family commitment in our hectic lives, and there seems to have no time to rejuvenate our childhood times. Whenever we get spare time, we like to zone out in front of the TV or computers to have fun.

The play is as valuable for you as for a kid. The play could be simply making snow dolls, throwing snow, fetching a dog, or riding a bike with your partner.

Studies have confirmed that playing with your partner, kids, coworkers, or friends is a futile way to release stress. It also fuels your imagination, creativity, or problem-solving abilities.

The Benefits Of Play

Plays nurture critical thinking, personality development, and various adaptive pathways in children. When we reach adulthood, we often give up play to start the serious pursuit of a career, relationship, or family.

With the levels of stress rising in adults, researchers highlight the importance of play. They bring joy in life and give positive psychological functioning and goal aspiration.

Relieve Stress

Around 44% of adults frequently experience stress in their daily routines. Without ways to reduce, it leaves long-term impacts on psychological well-being.

An opportunity to have fun, put aside the worries, trigger the release of endorphins. These feel-good chemicals promote overall well-being and reduce stress naturally.

Stimulate Creativity

Everyone has a creative side, and playtime taps this creativity out of our minds. Playtime puts adults into an exciting situation and flames up their imagination.

Play stimulates your imagination and problem-solving abilities. You'll be amazed to find fascinating perspectives in your mind after you return from playing.

Improve Relationships And Social Connections

Humans require social connections as they need daily life necessities. Play is a social practice involving friends, family, and other community members.

Sharing laughter strengthens compassion, trust, bonding and improves relationships eventually. Even a playful nature can reduce stress drastically and help you break the ice with strangers and make social connections.

Keeps You Energetic And Young

Adults feel slow down after going through the same boring routine. A dedicated playtime helps adults reconnect with their old selves and brings joy. As Bernard Shaw said:

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

Promote Psychological Functioning

With the rising levels of stress, depression, and anxiety in adults, it is critical to promote psychological well-being.

Play for adults is a natural bash to reconnect with your younger self and find happiness in things you love. The released endorphins boost positive emotions and promote psychological well-being.

Improve Brain Health

A healthy brain guarantees high-quality life as stress and cardiovascular issues are the main risk factors for Alzheimer's.

Playing chess or puzzles prevents memory problems and improves the brain's functionality. Playing with friends and family even helps reduce stress or depression.


Our society seems to dismiss the play for adults as it is considered a guilty pleasure. We all believe once we become mature, we have to discard playtime as it's time to get serious.

But playtime doesn't end when we grow old. Adults also need playtime to through their go-go go-lives. Plays have been shown to relieve stress, promote psychological well-being, improve brain functionality and stimulate creativity.


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