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Why It’s Time for Playgrounds to Take Another Look at their Rules

Playgrounds are supposed to be the best place where all kids can be kids and play and be as loud as they want. Playground structures allow kids to run, jump, and climb freely and act as a release for children to be children. These places try to be inclusive of all children, no matter their age or race. However, the sad truth is that most playgrounds aren’t inclusive of every child, more specifically, they aren’t inclusive of disabled and wheel chair bound children. Despite the fact that, yes, most playgrounds are wheelchair accessible, they still do not have any play equipment that special needs children can play on.

An act in 1990 called the United States Americans with Disabilities Act was passed and demanded that parts of some playgrounds must be wheelchair and special needs inclusive. Most playgrounds add enough equipment just so that they can pass the ADA’s requirements. For example, pipe phones and ABC or tic-tac-toe blocks that can be accessed when sitting can pass those requirements. But, the reality of it is that those few items aren’t really actually that fun. Not when special needs children are stuck with the same couple things to play with at a place where they are supposed to be able to let loose and have the ultimate fun. No children like to stay on the same thing for more than say 10 minutes, and regular children have the options to move from thing to thing. It’s definitely not fair that special needs kids are stuck with the same few pieces of playground equipment due to the playground manufacturing companies’ negligence and only caring about fulfilling the ADA requirements.

The issue with this act that requires all playgrounds to be wheelchair accessible is that, to be honest, it is outdated. The act was passed 26 years ago. 26 years is a long time, and many things in the world have improved within that time, so playgrounds should be improved as well. It is time to come up with a new policy or act that is more specific and places more requirements on playgrounds and playground manufacturing companies to make their equipment and play structures with more activities and things for wheelchair-bound and special needs children.

The sad reality of it is that more and more children are being born with special needs. There are studies that show that now 1 in 45 children are autistic. These children need a place to be kids, and if they do not have playgrounds and cannot be like real kids, then what are they left with?

There are some playground manufacturing companies that have been trying to make more inclusive play structures, but the prices to buy and integrate these new pieces are ridiculous. Also, to even find and access the websites or catalogues for special needs inclusive playground equipment is a challenge in itself. It is up to us as adults and humans to make things more inclusive for these children and let kids be kids.

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