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Why The Garden Is Good For Children

For our children, the norm is to have entertainment on TV and our computers. Outdoor play is restricted because of various dangers that parents don't want children to be exposed to. Everything is on the screen, and that shortens their attention span and keep them tame with what they get their information from. It becomes a toy race to see who has more toys to play with to be kept entertained and inside. If there is a backyard with a pool, it can also be fun, and with a backyard can be a garden. Youngsters want to have fun, and it certainly doesn't have to be all indoors.

Children can learn new skills while having fun by spending time in the garden working with plants and food. Most children like being outdoors anyway and getting them involved in gardening are beneficial. They can get their hands in the soil, learn to plant and watch them grow. All ages can enjoy gardening, but children will discover the extraordinary benefits of it because gardening develops new skills, including responsibility, understanding, self-confidence, reasoning, love of nature, creativity, and nutrition. They will care for plants, get in touch with the environment, be taught the sciences, work with others, and even taste natural food when it is grown.

Another thing about children is the curiosity that they have on everything. They always ask how things work and why they do. A garden is an excellent place for them because it teaches the ecosystem. Parents can teach children why we garden and how plants grow. Learning how to grow flowers and vegetables grabs their attention. It's something they will love almost instantly because they can see the seeds turn into something edible or beautiful when flowered. Show the measurements of water being applied, and the sunlight needed and count the week's intakes for growth, and it peaks their imaginations.

Children like brightly colored flowers and veggies that grow. You can use a variety of plants that have positive sensory and textural qualities. With a touch, a woolly lamb's ear. With taste, different veggies, and fruits. The smell of different flowers and sight of bright colors add to their new sensory intake. Gardens, of course, have to be safe for children to get involved in. Parents should secure all the fences and gates surround the garden. Give plenty of shade to them and store all equipment safely. Don't use chemicals and keep certain sprays and fertilizer away from their mouths.

Gardening can be a healthy, fun activity for young children as they can develop new skills and learn about the world around just by growing their food. There is a variety of exciting activities they can be involved in their garden to help. They don't have to be inside all the time. This is about getting them out of the house and use their hands-on stuff that is not with buttons at their fingertips.

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