Playground Area Design - Getting Started

Trying to set up a playground area? Well, the variety of different things that need to be considered is something that many of us won’t take into account. After all, there is more to entertainment than getting the equipment right – you need more than the best toys and tricks to keep everybody happy, that’s for sure.

Maximizing he potential of your entire play area is going to be vital to getting the most out of the park – here are some of the most basic specification issues that you’ll need to consider, that you may not have originally considered;

The Size

Of course, while you want enough space to fit in both all of the play areas and all of the gadgets that you buy for the participants, but you also want a “quiet” area where users can just chill out and relax for a little bit. You also need to consider how you will fit in things like parking – so try and choose an area that is, ideally, flat and already has a strong drainage system or at the least is very easy to get a strong system installed.

The Flow

You don’t want big queues all over the place, as this will just cause disagreement and arguments on-site which we want to avoid as much as possible. Getting into the park, moving around the park and getting to each and every item you have fitted should be of paramount importance to you. You also need clear access for emergency vehicles should any incidents occur, this will make it more accessible for everybody of all ages and abilities.


How safe are the users of your park area? There has to be serious consideration of a safe zone around every object you install. You need to make sure there is enough room for everybody to remain safe and out of the way of any incidents, as well as the line of sight everybody has when they are moving around the playground itself.


Obviously, you want to give everybody the chance to enjoy the play space that they are in, and having supervisors in clear vantage points that they can oversee everything should be a key part of your planning.

The Utilities

You want to make sure that you cover everything from gas, water and electrics to make sure everybody has all of the resources they need to run smoothly. Certain objects will require just space, others will need power to function – it’s your job to make sure that this is in an ample yet safe supply.


You also want to make sure that you get the right furnishings down. This means plenty of seating areas for the parents and tired children, strong lighting and fencing to make sure that everybody can see with ease and are completely protected from outside influences. You need to balance this with sun exposure, though, so make sure that everybody is getting the best balance.

As you can see, planning a park is extremely more complex than many might imagine it to be. However, most of this can be easily planned around to ensure that your property remains at the very peak of its powers, no matter what you are intending of adding in.