Playgrounds The Best Place for Young and Old to get Active

The Playground’s Humble Beginnings

It was in 1887 in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco where the first ever playground was built in the United States. How had this great play area reached other countries in the world? Well, after the first World War, there a lady from London by the name of Eglantyne Jebb who started the Save the Children's foundation. The Save the Children Fund was set up at a public meeting in London's Royal Albert Hall in May 1919. From that day to this we've been raising funds to provide relief to children suffering the effects of war.

A playground is a place that is designed to provide children a perfect environment to play, putting challenges in front of them so that they can overcome and conquer, therefore becoming stronger in body and mind. Did you know learning good manners as well as to develop a sense of fair place is the primary reason why playgrounds are created? Well, it is indeed true most especially in Germany; these ideas had paved the way to create a place where children can develop these two important words.

The Playground Types

Playgrounds, just like people, also come in different sizes and shapes. This was built to realize one’s purpose of having it on a specific place. This is built through the collaborative effort and support of the community. Maybe it is connected for the use of a customer in a particular business. Or it is created to meet a non-profit purpose. Meaning it is free and they can be enjoyed by diverse children out there. No matter what the reasons, still these playground bring happiness to one another, young or old will really love this place.

Here are the primary types of playgrounds:

  1. Inclusive playgrounds – this place is created and designed to be just accessible for all children. It has primary features such an activity for sensory-stimulating, physical accessibility and way to develop mental and age appropriateness.
  2. Natural playgrounds – these are the play environment wherein the area blends well with the rich vegetation, natural materials and landforms. This place will teach children about the importance of nature while they are at play.
  3. Adult’s playground – if you think that playground are just for children, well, you should think twice. There are many countries that are well off on the Adult fitness focus play revolution creating a lifestyle of health through all of the generations.

 These are the great types of playground areas. No matter how young or mature you are right now, it is still great for you to be active. Visit a playground and live life to its fullest.