The Importance Of Safety Labels and Signs in a Playground

The Importance of Safety Labels and Signs in a Playground

Safety labels and signs play important role in all premises to make sure everyone knows about the potential dangers or hazards around the playground are. This is one way of passing on instructions or information by placing signage that can help in reducing possible injuries. These safety signs are visible not only in the roads and construction areas, but also in playgrounds.

Putting safety labels and signs in the playground is required by many states now.  The content of the signs should be clear enough to provide a warning to all the people in the playground so that injuries and untoward incidents will be prevented. Keep in mind that children can run around the play area and if there is no signs and labels there is great possibility that accidents may happen.

It is important to convey information in the labels/signs that pertains to the age of the people who can use the equipment. The signs should also tell if there is a need for adult supervision. Providing brief and concise information is very essential in making and putting safety signs or labels in the playground. Likewise, it is also necessary to use the specific colors specified by the standards of ANSI that can attract the attention of the users.

Here are some of the safety signs or labels that playgrounds should have:

Warning for Strangulation:

This sign warns the users about the possible danger of being strangled due to loose clothing, necklaces, drawstrings, helmets, jump ropes, pet leashes and many others. You should never have these items around a playground area.

Hot Surface:

This warns people to check the surface and the equipment before letting the child to use it to make sure it is not too hot. This sign will prevent possible injury caused by burn.

Surfacing Warning:

It is very important to have this sign in the playground so that the user will know the danger of playing equipment particularly on hard surfaces.

Age Range:

Potential injury can be prevented if the playground has signs or labels that tell about the age range of the person who can use the equipment.

Supervision information signs

This sign is a must in any places particularly in playgrounds. This conveys that caregivers and/or parents should not allow their children to play in a particular place or equipment without adult supervision.

In addition, the safety labels or signs should be placed in conspicuous places. It can be mounted on the equipment or free standing. If you are operating a playground it is important to ensure that the safety labels or signs will be noticed before the person uses the equipment so that accidents and injuries will be avoided.

You can hire a company that specializes in making safety labels or signs and they will be the one to install it on the playground. Any untoward incidents in the playground can make the operator of the facility liable especially if there are no signs available.