Types of Playgrounds

Types of Playgrounds

For the past decade, the world of playground has undergone immense growth. Jungle gyms have been prevailed by modern post and deck systems. While woods and metals have been used in the past,   plastics and steel now have taken over.  There are several reasons why plastics are considered to be ideal for kids. Aside from the fact they have a more rounded structure, there is also less possibilities of injuries. Plastic also, or course offers more creative and innovative design capabilities that can be produces over and over and over again to reduce costs for each individual project.

Slides are one of the most popular playgrounds. Typically, they are designed of plastics or steel.  They can be crated with bumpy or smooth features as well as rollers.  Also, they can be straight or curving. As of the height, slides vary from four feet to twelve feet.  While some are connected to a larger structure, there are also slides that stand alone.

Modern spinning playgrounds are distinguished from classic roundabout. At present, this type of equipment comes with straight poles that are curved on the top. For the safety of your kids, they are also designed with platforms located at the base. Spinning equipment works by pulling in the person’s center of gravity.  Since the older playgrounds with marry-go-rounds have been replaced due to safety concerns, modern spinning playgrounds are considered perfect alternative.

Balance beams, stepping stones and log rolls are also included in the list of playground equipment.  Obviously, these types of playground have been created to develop the balance sense of your kids. Balancing playground pieces offer great ground-level play activities while aiding in the development of essential dexterities.

Hanging activities include various pieces of playground equipment. Your kids may want to play in rolling bars , monkey bars, strange twists and shapes, hanging trapeze and other hanging equipment that are created for diverse skills and age level.

Climbing activities are also one of the most exciting playgrounds for your young ones. These types of playground equipment are basically featured with three major configurations. It may feature flat planes that come with bubbles where kids will hold on while climbing. One also comes with the same features of climbing walls.  There is also a playground piece of this type configured with cargo nets. Lastly, it includes one that is designed with bar lattices quite similar to monkey bars that are angled.

The new era of playground also focuses on activity panels that include spinning blocks that comes along with words and images, alphabet boards, and large mirrors. Since playground is considered to be vital in the development of multi intelligence of kids, physiologists continue to bring new innovation on board. As such, it is believed that more exciting pieces are on their way.

The different types of playground work on a particular skill of the child.  While they are important for the development of your children, it is a good thing that you are familiar with the types of playground equipment so that you will know what level of development is expected from your young ones.  And the most important part is to provide adequate supervision to make sure that they steer toward the right path all the time.